About Us

OSRacing.be was founded by Olivier Paulus and Stephane Paulus during the summer of 2010.

Both of us being Industrial Engineering students at the time, we bought a BMW E30 320i from 1988 in the summer of 2010 with the plan of rebuilding it to gain practical knowledge on cars. As I at that time started as a mechanic at the GT-Motorsports.be team the plans rapidly changed into building a rally car!

So two years later the car was ready for its first rally with me as the driver and Stephane as the mechanic.

Due to a serious crash we were not able to continue rallying with our BMW… Both of us wanted to stay active in motorsports, so we shifted our attention to motorsport engineering and consulting.

OSRacing.be would have never been able to start without the help of our friends and family, so we would like to thank them all! Most of them will still be helping us in the future to keep this team running.